Beachbody On Demand for iOS: Version 2.4

Today we are proud to announce the latest update to our Beachbody On Demand app (BOD 2.4) for iOS & tvOS — which you can find on the App Store. In this post we’ll talk you through some of the updates we’ve made and what we’ll be working on next. 

What’s New for Version 2.4

Workout History

Good news Apple Watch and Wahoo TICKR X users: we’ve fixed the bug that’s causing workouts to disappear from your Workout History. Going forward, all workouts performed with these heart rate monitors will be safely stored and visible in your Workout History. Also, you’ll be able to start seeing workouts performed with the TICKR X on Apple TV in your iOS Workout History.

Some Login Issues

We’ve had a number of complaints from people being logged out of the app every time they open it. This can happen when the apps get a little impatient waiting for your account to be verified. We’ve put in a fix that prevents you from getting logged out during longer-than-usual account verifications. We know this fix doesn’t address all the possible login issues, so we’ll be addressing those in our next release.

Watch-to-Phone Communication

We’ve done some housekeeping to simplify how the Apple Watch interacts with the iPhone. This is to help lay the foundation for more major Apple Watch fixes in a forthcoming update.

3D Touch Program Preview Cards

You can now 3D Touch program box art to preview a program’s key information right from the home page — including Intensity, Program Length and Average Workout Duration. It’s a fun and easy way to explore programs when you’re looking for something new.

What we’re working on for our next update in Version 2.5:

Offline Feature Improvements

We are going to be making some significant upgrades to the performance, stability and design of our Offline feature. This will include several under-the-hood improvements and a new look-and-feel.

Persistent Login

How we handle user login within the app will be a major cornerstone of the Offline feature improvements. These improvements will enable you to use the app in airplane mode for longer periods of time. Additionally, we anticipate this work will also address many of the other login issues left over from Version 2.4.

What about Apple Watch?

We know Apple Watch connectivity is an issue for some of our members. Apple Watch is a fairly new technology and we are working closely with Apple to make the experience better. We will keep you updated as we work to make improvements to the infrastructure and experience. Our plan is to first focus on the underlying technology and then improve the Apple Watch integration in a later update.



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