That’s So Maven Episode #7: Alexis Davidson from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen


I’ve been so happy to hear how excited you guys have been about the return of the podcast! To everyone who’s emailed, commented and reviewed the show, I’m eternally grateful! I absolutely love curating and producing the podcast so your support is just icing on the cake. THANK YOU.


Today’s guest has made frequent appearances on the blog over the years. Lexi from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen is an old friend (in blogging terms that means 4 years) and one of the best people I know. We’ve met up several times in person and most recently a few weeks ago when she was in SF for a food tour. She’s so incredibly genuine and just such a breath of fresh air in what can feel like a super dogmatic industry.

Last year Lexi’s first cookbook came out (which I wrote about here!) and it was a huge success! I’m so excited to have her on the show to chat about her food philosophy, taking on blogging full time and and what it was actually like to write a cookbook. I’m so grateful she was willing to open up and chat about her experience.

Today on the show we’re chatting about:

  • Her journey to blogging and how she got started
  • Can you eat healthy and label-free?
  • How she knew she was ready to write a cookbook
  • What’s it like to actually write a cookbook?
  • Lessons she learned in writing the book
  • How she lost her sense of balance in the process
  • What’s coming up for her in 2017

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Here’s a pic from our hangout a few weeks ago :)


What questions do you have for Lexi? What’s your favorite cookbook right now?

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