Episode #25: Kati Holland from Pearl Butter

On episode #25 of That's So Maven, we're chatting with Kati Holland from Pearl Butter all about adaptogens, unicorn food and why she chose to launch her product line.

There is something truly special when “real-life” friends connect you to “digital” friends. That is precisely how I was introduced to Kati from Pearl Butter and she became the 25th guest on the podcast!

On episode #25 of That's So Maven, we're chatting with Kati Holland from Pearl Butter all about adaptogens, unicorn food and why she chose to launch her product line.

I came across Pearl Butter on Instagram, only to discover we shared a mutual friend a few weeks later (thank you social media…). After making the initial intro, I asked Kati if she wanted to come on the show to share her health journey and the inspiration behind Pearl Butter and I was so happy when she agreed.

What I love about the podcast is that we’re able to connect with people who are at all different phases in their journey. We’ve had guests who have had serious medical conditions that require a more intense approach to health and others who are reminding us that health is no one-size-fits-all. We also have entrepreneurs who have launched their companies from nothing and built them into large businesses, and others, like Pearl Butter, that are just getting started. It’s truly a privilege to be able to explore all sides of the spectrum.

On today’s episode we discuss:

  • Kati’s own health journey and why she launched Pearl Butter
  • The different types of butters and how they can benefit your health
  • What is an adaptogen and how to incorporate them into your diet
  • What it takes to launch a product from idea to conception
  • Struggles she’s had in launching the product
  • Why she chose to focus on such a colorful product and if she worries the “unicorn trend” will pass
  • The health habit she can’t live without

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Kati has graciously offered one That’s So Maven listener a Pearl Butter prize pack featuring one of each Pearl Butter Flavor! To enter, follow Pearl Butter and The Healthy Maven on Instagram and then drop your username below. For a bonus entry, leave a review of the podcast on iTunes and leave another comment with the username you used to enter below. Giveaway closes on Wednesday July 5th, 2017 at 12:00AM PST. Only available to US residents.


*You can also save 15% off your first Pearl Butter order by using the THEHEALTHYMAVEN upon checkout!

What questions do you have for Kati? Have you ever heard of Pearl Butter?

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